Be Aware of Oral Cancer: Here Are Things to Know – Lawrenceville, GA

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Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that can affect anyone at any age. And, since the human body consists of trillions of cells, cancer can form and start anywhere in the body—including the mouth.

Those who have cancer are not the only ones affected; it also becomes emotionally and physically difficult for the people around them. Fortunately, it no longer has to be this way! Patients are possible to keep track of their oral condition. It is essential for them to know the warning signs to watch out for, the risk factors, and the preventive measures to perform. With that said, here are lists we at Lawrenceville Dental Associates have prepared.


Oral Checkup


Oral Cancer Warning Signs to Watch out for

There are various symptoms of oral cancer. If any of the things listed below are experienced for more than two weeks now, it is best to seek professional assistance.

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Areas in the mouth, lips, and throat with lumps or sores
  • Trouble in swallowing or chewing
  • Red and white patches in the mouth
  • Lumps or sores that do not heal
  • Difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue
  • Pain, tenderness, or lumps anywhere in the mouth and lips


Risk factors

Although the trigger for the mutation of the cells remains unclear, there are known factors that increase a person’s risk of developing oral cancer.


As a person’s age advances, they become more susceptible to the development of oral cancer.

Exposure to sunlight

Also, like the skin, exposure to the sun can cause the development of oral cancer and even burn the lips.


It is still unclear why, but males are more vulnerable to oral cancer than women.


Aside from being harmful to the body, there are more reasons for people to stop drinking alcohol and use tobacco. There are carcinogenic substances in tobacco that enters the mouth, and excessive alcohol consumption also increases the risk of developing cancer.



At Lawrenceville Dental Associates, we are committed to keeping our patients dental health in good shape. To provide patients with a peace of mind when it comes to oral cancer, we included oral cancer screenings as part of our services. We encourage everyone not to skip their routine appointments so that our dental professionals can track the state of their oral wellness. If any signs are spotted, do know that measures will be taken accordingly.


Everyone deserves outstanding dental care services! Avail our Oral Cancer Screening service in Lawrenceville, GA to keep track of your oral wellness. Book your appointment with us at Lawrenceville Dental Associates and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy overall oral wellness!