Dental Restoration: Its Types and Benefits

Restorative dentistry is the term for the integrated management of oral health problems and restoring of the mouth to its functional and aesthetic state. Dental restorations focus on bridging gaps and alignments in your teeth. These are required if ever there is any accidental damage to your teeth, or if your tooth is decayed, stained or crowded. 

restorative dental care

What are the types of dental restoration?

The various options for dental restorations offer you many choices to repair your worn, decayed, damaged, or missing teeth to result in a healthy and beautiful smile. Depending on the nature of your problem, your dentist will determine the type of restoration you need. Dental restorations can be classified into two types. First, there is a direct dental restoration that involves placing a filling into a prepared tooth cavity immediately. This type of restoration can be done in a single office visit. For this restoration, your dentist chooses from a variety of filling options based on the type and location where the filling gets placed. Another type of dental restoration is an indirect approach that involves customized tooth replacements that are fabricated in a lab. It takes more than one office visit to finish this type of restoration to be completed.

What are the benefits of dental restorations? 

Restorative dentistry brings you countless benefits. Here are some examples: 

Restorations improve your dental structure. Your dental structure grows weak and deteriorates with the loss of teeth. Thanks to restorations like dental implants, your oral health is improved because the bone structure of your jawbone is maintained. Dental implants bond with your gums and bone structure, ensuring it will last long.

Restorations enhance the appearance of your teeth. Having infected, broken, or missing teeth replaced with dental implants will definitely enhance your smile. Aside from implants, you can opt for a restoration option like dental crowns. The advantage of dental crowns is that they can replicate the shade of your teeth and not stand out. 

Restorations eliminate dental discomfort. In case of tooth decay, or accidents resulting in cracked or chipped teeth, dental restorations will reduce your discomfort. Restorations like crowns can also help prevent further damage to your tooth.

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