What Are the Truths Behind the Common Myths of Root Canals? – Lawrenceville, GA

Frightening misconceptions are floating around root canals for a long time now. A painful procedure, risky treatment, temporary solution – these are just a few of the usual perceptions of people about the therapy. The problem is, when these pseudo-facts are tolerated, they will continue to dread root canals. It’s time to debunk some myths! Our practice at Lawrenceville Dental Associates decided to expose the false assumptions about the root canal therapy and counter them with its truths.


Root Canal Treatment


Don’t Believe These Myths!

A root canal treatment is not useful when there’s no toothache present

Just because the tooth no longer gives off a painful sensation, you can skip a root canal treatment. Tooth pain is an indication that a person may need root canals, but if the pearly white stops producing discomfort, it signifies that the nerve inside is dead already. The deceased pulp needs to be taken out from the tooth to prevent severe infections.

It is better to pull the affected tooth than preserve it

Yanking the problematic tooth rather than treating it with a root canal is not recommended. If there’s still a chance for the pearly white to be preserved, then do everything to save it. You will not like the consequences of living with an incomplete set of teeth—that’s certain.

Root canal and ‘excruciating pain’ go hand in hand

The famous myth of a root canal treatment: The therapy is extremely painful. With the presence of anesthesia or the vast array of sedation dentistry services, why fear pain? Dentistry had significantly been improved to deliver dental procedures to patients in a fast yet comfortable manner.

The therapy is not a long-lasting remedy

Dental crowns can wear down when exposed to forceful chewing. This issue, however, is mainly the problem of the restorative device and not the treatment itself. A root canal can protect the treated tooth against reinfection for a lifetime if proper care is observed.

Considering the busted myths above there’s definitely nothing to dread about a root canal treatment.


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