Teeth Extractions in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Are you suffering from a severely damaged or decayed tooth? Call Lawrenceville Dental Associates today. We perform gentle teeth extractions to help our patients restore their oral health.

Teeth Extractions in Lawrenceville, Georgia

At Lawrenceville Dental Associates, we strive to help all of our patients save their teeth and maintain their healthy smiles. However, tooth extractions can be a necessary treatment to preserve or restore your oral health. If the tooth is severely injured or infected, tooth extraction may be recommended.

If you’re experiencing a severe toothache, swelling, drainage, or other signs of infection, call our office right away. We offer same-day emergency appointments to accommodate your needs. When tooth extraction is necessary, our dentist will fit you in as soon as possible.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

If you need a tooth extraction, call Lawrenceville Dental Associates. Our team will perform an oral examination and take X-rays to determine the condition of your tooth. If our dentist determines an extraction is necessary, they will determine the best way to proceed. We will numb the tooth using a local anesthetic to reduce your discomfort and help you relax. For comfort, we may also offer sedation. Our team will then remove the tooth in a fast, safe, and effective extraction procedure.

Postoperative Care

Following your procedure, our dentist will have you bite down on sterile gauze to stop the bleeding and help a blood clot to form. Pain and swelling are normal after extraction and should pass in two to three days. Our dentist may prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers to prevent infection and ease your discomfort. If you experience prolonged bleeding, swelling, or pain, be sure to call our office right away.

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If you’re living with a toothache, our dental team performs gentle tooth extractions in Lawrenceville. Call Lawrenceville Dental Associates at (770) 913-6808 today to schedule your appointment.

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Jennifer C.

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Amazing place. Not only providing dental services. Also providing quality education about dental health and how it affects you along with down-to-earth staff to address any concerns you may have.
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Edwin H.

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Very professional, experienced and friendly office. Had the best cleaning in years. The dentist completed a very thorough examination of not only my teeth but gums and overall oral health.
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Kimberly T.

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Everyone is so friendly and the dentist was knowledgeable about my rare disorder which is so reassuring-I've found my forever dentist!
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